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There are 4,321 CryptoNades exploding onto the Ethereum blockchain ON AUGUST 25th 5PM EST.

We are here to take your NFT experience from sizzle to BOOM!

Hodling a CryptoNade in your wallet will grant you access to our tight-knit ride or die community. Other projects do follow for follow our members will jump on a grenade for each-other. That is just one of the many benefits we offer.

Made by the creators of ApeSpace. Art done by The Rug Shop artist.

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4 (25%)

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Early Supporters

Those who bought within the first 25% will have a chance to get 1 of 5 randomly airdropped CryptoNades. There will be snapshot at 25% and only the users who believed and bought early will get a chance for a free CryptoNade in their wallet.

3 (50%)

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Monthly Metaverse Giveaway parties

Selling out 50% will fund our party wallet where we will throw a party every month! There will be a guest DJ and CryptoNade Giveaways! As well as Eth Giveaways. Everyone is invited but only CryptoNade hodlers will be able to win the big Prizes!

2 (75%)

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Do you feel Lucky??

We will randomly select 5 different wallets to receive 1 Eth each! These will be chosen at random from those who mint the first 75%. A snapshot will be triggered once we reach 75% sold out.

1 (100%)

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Get your groove on! In Style

At fully sold out that will trigger our very first Metaverse Giveaway Sell out Party!(Within 48 hours of sellout) It will be hosted in CryptoVoxels. We will have a DJ and lots of Giveaways to Celebrate. CryptoNade art will be on display and you will get a custom airdropped CryptoVoxel wearable FREE airdropped. Snapshot will be taken 24 hours before Party! So keep at least 1 for the airdrop if you plan on selling some on secondary.


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Game time!

Also in September we will have a playable game! Based on the CryptoNade art. We have a game development team and should have an alpha out shortly! It will be a high IMPACT fast-paced chaotic game. It will be a BLAST! We will show any info as we get it!



  • 170 Traits
  • 9 Trait Types
  • Over 170,000 combinations!


We are a passionate team of web3, NFT, metaverse maxis with a proven track record & community focus - check us out below!